Thursday, 7 March 2013

How to make money with blogs?

Now a days making money with your blogs is very easy thing.You just need to do is create a free blog in any one of the hosting networks.I will tell you how to create blog for free and how to earn money with it.
  • Create a blog for free in any of the following networks.
  4.   and many more like that..
  • Post any content in the blog like about your hobbies,tricks,your adventures etc..
  • But make sure that it should be interested to the readers who reads your blog.
  • As you have done the above steps,your blog will gradually become popular.
  • You will get some visitors every day,and some page views.
  • Regularly update your blog for one month,
  • And see how many visitors and page views are comming for your blog.
  • If your blog is getting good page views,then its time to earn now.
  • Apply to any one of the online ad networks like Google Adsense, Clicksor,chitika etc..
  • Then if any one of those accepts your blog,then login to that network website.
  • There you can find the HTML codes of flash ads or text ads.
  • Now past that codes in your blog instead of everyday posts.
  • Its over... If the visitors clock on your blog then you will get money.
  • You can check how much you are getting in the Ad network website.
  • After your income is reached to certain round figure of $50 to $100 then they will send you it to your account.